Local hopes to produce a few Grammys

He’s behind some of the biggest hip hop hits of the year, and now Vernon’s Nick Brongers is going to one of the biggest parties of the year.

Vernon’s Nick Brongers is in Los Angeles

Vernon’s Nick Brongers is in Los Angeles

He’s behind some of the biggest hip hop hits of the year, and now Vernon’s Nick Brongers is going to one of the biggest parties of the year.

One of the producer’s on rapper Eminem’s mega hit album, Recovery, Brongers is on the team that has been nominated for a Grammy Award for Album of The Year.

The awards gala airs live Sunday from L.A., and Brongers plans to be there accompanied by his mom Jeannie Reid.

“It is surreal as I used to see the Grammys on TV. Regardless of what happens, I am excited to at least be attending,” said Brongers, who has been in L.A. working the past month with Canadian hip hop star Drake on his forthcoming album, Take Care.

“I originally thought my trip this month would only be for the Grammys and other social incidentals, only to get a call that I’d be actually doing work,” said Brongers via email to The Morning Star.

“My business abroad typically demands a few weeks of preparation as I prefer to create my music from home in Vernon rather than in off-site studios.”

Working on a computer, and other electronic equipment, the 26-year-old Vernon Secondary School grad’s speciality is preparing the melodic part of the beat used in hip hop music, rather than the rhythm (the drums).

“I create music that sounds vintage, sounds like it comes from that era, a piece of music that sounds like it was recorded in a studio in Motown Records,” Brongers told The Morning Star in a 2009 interview. “Anything you can listen to on a computer can be created. You can simulate live instrumentation like a guitar loop or snare drum. My average sample takes about two hours.”

Lately, Brongers has been working with producers Boi 1da (Drake) and Stargate (Rihanna, Beyonce) to generate a song.

“However, I am venturing more into my own production now,” he added.

The opportunity to produce for Eminem came through his correspondence with Dr. Dre, one of the world’s biggest record producers and founder and CEO of Aftermath Entertainment.

“I got in touch with Dr. Dre through the internet. I sent some of my work to Aftermath’s MySpace website in 2008 and they replied the next day with a phone number to call,” said Brongers, who talked to Brandon Lamela, A&R of Aftermath Entertainment and assistant to Dr. Dre.

From that time on, Brongers sent Aftermath his work in an effort to contribute to Dre’s forthcoming encore album, Detox.

“However, when Eminem’s album, Recovery, was in the works, Dr. Dre decided to use some of the work I sent him to create a record for Eminem’s album, resulting in So Bad,” said Brongers.

And since Recovery has been nominated for album of the year at this year’s Grammys, every producer and guest artist involved is therefore a nominee, as the work in question is not merely that of Eminem, but a collaboration of all writers and performers involved, he added.

Brongers is about to take the same journey with Toronto rapper Drake, who has been nominated for four Grammys this year, including Best New Artist and Rap Recording of the Year for his platinum selling album, Thank Me Later.

Drake will also be hosting the upcoming Junos, where he’s been nominated for six awards.

“Since I met Drake his career has skyrocketed,” said Brongers. “He has been acknowledged by many music authorities as being the new superstar of hip hop and urban music.”

Brongers co-produced Thank Me Later’s first single, Over, with his friend Matthew Samuels (better known as Boi 1da), which has been nominated for a Grammy for Best Rap Solo Performance.

“Drake is an incredible talent; a great deal of his work (if not all) is written by him alone, which is rare in this industry. He also has a great work ethic and is consequently already hard at work on his next album,” said Brongers.

And the awards and accolades should keep coming as Brongers has more recently been working with legendary music mogul Timbaland, who has been instrumental in the careers of Nelly Furtado, Justin Timberlake, Aaliyah, One Republic and Keri Hilson, to name a few.

“I am privileged and honoured to be mentored by him and look forward to what great things we may be able to accomplish,” said Brongers. “Thus far he has provided great and cogent advice for my own career and has opened many doors for me.”

Brongers says he has also been fortunate to have his work published by Tim Blacksmith of Stellar Songs, (a child publishing company of EMI Publishing.)

“I was very fortunate to be published by Tim as his company is small and is hesitant to sign just anybody. Tim is an incredibly intelligent man and is a great coach to me.”

Blacksmith also manages powerhouse Norwegian duo Stargate, not to be confused with the TV franchise of the same name.

Stargate is responsible for nearly all of Rihanna’s hit singles so far, and this year alone, have produced Rihanna and Drake’s What’s My Name (the two artists are slated to perform at Sunday’s live Grammy broadcast,) as well as Rihanna’s Only Girl In the World, Katy Perry’s Firework, and many others.

“I am happy to say that Stargate and I have some great music yet to be released,” said Brongers.

Those who want to cheer the local on can tune in to the Grammy Awards live broadcast from Los Angeles’ Staples Center Sunday on CBS or Global TV at 8 p.m.