Students Sophie Dennis (left)

Students Sophie Dennis (left)

Merging old and new technology

A grant from the Vernon Teachers’ Association helps to enhance student field trips to Mackie Lake House

The Mackie Lake House Foundation is passionate about learning and providing opportunities for students to experience a taste of history.

This year, the Vernon Teachers’ Association supported the Mackie Lake House Foundation School Program with a $1,500 grant.

“This grant was used to purchase a laptop and software to enable the transfer of our collection of reel-to-reel tapes, cassette tapes and records into digital format,” said Christine Kashuba, Mackie Lake House manager. “This collection includes teaching tapes that Paddy Mackie used in his French classes when he taught at Seaton.”

Each spring the Mackie Lake House Foundation offers a field trip opportunity for School District 22 Grade 3 and Grade 6 students. Students experience a guided tour of the Historic Mackie Lake House detailing the history of the 1910 Lake House, the Mackie family and the Coldstream area. In 2013 this program involved 552 students as well as their teachers, aides and parent volunteers.

The students also participate in an interactive experience in Fylton Forest, an on-site outdoor ecological classroom that facilitates exploration of the natural world.

The Vernon Teachers’ Association grant also purchased a set of magnifying glasses to enable a detailed investigation of the flora and fauna students discover in Fylton Forest on the Mackie property.

“We look forward to our 2014 school program as we bring history to life,” said Kashuba.