Monashee Arts Council receives grant for play

A grant of more than $15,000 has been awarded to the Monashee Arts Council to help fund a historical play script commissioned last year.

The Monashee Arts Council has just been awarded a grant of more than $15,000 by the B.C. Arts Council to help fund a historical play script commissioned last year.

“This is the second stage in the development of an original script about the history of the Monashees,” said MAC member Doug Jones, who has been working on this project for almost two years.

“We are very pleased that the B.C. Arts Council is supporting this local initiative by funding the scriptwriting over the last year, and now with a generous grant to produce the play for our local community.”

Written by local playwright and director Phil Wagner, the play is a series of historical vignettes covering the history of the Monashees from the first contact with the Okanagan and Splatsin First Nations peoples through to the mid-1900s.

“The intent of this play is to celebrate our history in a way that  synthesizes the aspirations of our community,” said Wagner. “It will also provide an excellent opportunity to showcase the collective artistic talents of our community members.”

The play, titled The Moose under Coyote Sleeping, is slated for performance in the fall of 2014.

“Over the spring and summer, we will be involving many community residents in the production,  including actors, set design and construction, costume, sound and lights, advertising, and publicity, to name just a few of the many opportunities people will have to get involved,” said Jones. “We will be making further announcements in the near future and extending an invitation to everyone who would like to participate.”

The Monashee Arts Council meets every third Tuesday of every other month at the White Valley Community Hall.

For more information, visit their office, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., at 1961 Vernon St., Lumby, or call 778-473-3029.