Monashee is in on the arts

Lumby and area to have own arts, culture and performance programs.

Residents of Lumby, rural Lumby and Cherryville can watch their mailboxes for the premiere edition of the Arts, Culture, and Performance Guide Fall 2012 this week.

Thanks to funding received earlier this year from the White Valley Parks, Recreation and Culture Committee, the Monashee Arts Council has been able to coordinate a series of classes, workshops and performances to be held locally beginning this month.

“We’ve got a great variety of offerings for the community,”  said Jennifer Greenwood, arts and culture program coordinator with the Monashee Arts Council. “We feel we’ve got something to offer everyone, from novices to experienced artists, and from children to seniors. I’m really pleased that we are able to cover a lot of artistic ground –– music, visual arts, documentary screenings. It’s going to be great.”

Greenwood’s primary focus as arts and culture program coordinator has been on organizing and implementing the art council’s new program of art classes, workshops and performances since she was hired in May.

“We’ve been working with local artists and performers to create a really diverse schedule,” she said. “We were able to collect a lot of valuable information from the public at our Lumby Days showcase event in June to determine what sort of topics were most in demand locally.”

Area residents can expect to see the Arts, Culture, and Performance Guide Fall 2012 in their mailboxes on Friday.  Registration can be done in person at the Monashee Arts Council office, located at 1961 Vernon St. in Lumby.

For more information, call 778-473-3029.