Mortenson finds ‘perfect venue’ at record store

Musician gets ready for Saturday concert at Eclectibles in downtown Vernon

  • May. 30, 2012 1:00 p.m.

Luke Mortenson remembers the first time he saw Eclectibles, a record and book store in downtown Vernon.

“I knew it would be the perfect venue as soon as I walked by. So I walked in and introduced myself and took a shot in the dark,” said Mortenson, who holds a concert there Saturday.

“I was worried that (owner) Rod Neufeld was going turn me down, but after shooting the breeze about my favourite records and discovering that Rod is a singer-songwritter himself, he happily agreed to trying out a show at the store.”

Last year, Mortenson held a small show with Windmills and together, they sold out the show.

“It was really wonderful to get people into a shop they didn’t even know existed. It was kind of the perfect relationship I thought. I get to expose this little gem of Vernon, and I get to buy records with ticket sales,” said Mortenson.

This Saturday’s show at Eclectibles will include Bjorn Kriel, a Westbank resident with an impressive list of musical accomplishments.

“Earlier in the year, Bjorn took a place in the top 10 of the Okanagan’s Our Kids Have Talent and he is set to release a CD of his own musical musings,” said Mortenson.

“This kid makes me wish I picked up the guitar earlier, He’s got more soul than a sock with a hole. All jokes aside, Bjorn is going to make a name for himself in the music scene in the coming years. He plays with a maturity rarely seen even in seasoned musicians.”

Second up is Mortenson himself. Some may know him from the Vernon-based band Paperboy.

The evening will be intimate, with only 25 tickets available.

If you are interested in getting tickets while they last, contact Mortenson at 250-550-8375. Eclectibles is located on 30th Avenue across from the Towne Theatre,