Oakes ready to sign

Julie Oakes has been signing copies of her book, Hooks, all across Canada

It’s been more than a year since the release of Hooks, and since then, author Julie Oakes has signed copies of the book from Toronto to Victoria, and many locations in between.

“I even found Hooks on order at the famous City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco,” said Oakes. “Every time I do a signing, I find my book placed in a context within the book store. During the flood of interest in Fifty Shades of Gray, Hooks would be placed nearby for the content involved the sex trade but it was somewhat misplaced for Hooks is not an erotic book.  Hooks is more often placed in the vicinity of foreign subject matter or sociology and this is more appropriate to the subject matter.”

The book is filled with rich, vivid imagery that portrays everything from the disturbing, dark side of prostitution in India to a compelling tale of love, adventure and intrigue.

“I have spoken on Hooks in terms of widening compassion for the rights of women. As Hooks enters its second year, it has begun to walk, taking baby steps out into the world.”

Oakes will sign copies of Hooks this Saturday at Bookland in Vernon from noon to 3 p.m.