Personal Best: September brings nostalgia

Pat Black reflects on that back-to-school feeling and also brings attention to the opening of the Community Dental Access Centre

That “Beginning of September Nostalgia” has hit me. It is the time we are all so conditioned to feel the expectations of a new beginning, the start of a new school year, a get-down-to-business change from the relaxed days of summer, to experience that spurt of adrenaline that gets us looking for a challenge.

Walking through the farmers’ market the other morning, crowded with residents and tourists alike admiring the fruits of this valley, I suddenly felt sad thinking about the coming closure of this popular summer institution as winter approached. I didn’t see anyone I knew but almost everyone had a smile and a nod of hello, and I felt very much at home. Then the real fun began when the Celtic group, Cod Gone Wild, started to play their wild and wonderful Irish/Newfoundland music. Everyone was toe-tapping, from seniors to kids, with some toddlers performing wild gyrations in the front of the crowd. It was truly an Okanagan morning with the sun beaming and a gentle breeze blowing. I guess that is what the nostalgia is about, the loss of lazy summer days and happy familiar routines while the fall and winter approaches offering the promise of new challenges and beginnings.

And new beginnings there are as information has come to me that the long-awaited Community Dental Access Centre will be opening soon. The target is for the end of September, beginning of October. Renovations are complete and supplies and set-up are in progress.  The clinic is holding registration clinics for people on the waitlist and other low-income residents. The dental care provided will be at a reduced fee. If a client comes in with an abscessed tooth the clinic staff and volunteers will do their best to help them at a special evening clinic even if the individual has no coverage. Volunteers have tried to contact many of the individuals that are on the waiting list but some have no answering machines or the person’s number is no longer in service. If you were on the waiting list and have not been contacted please call the clinic and leave a message with a new phone number or even better attend one of the registration days. The registration clinics are to complete all the necessary paperwork before the centre opens. Potential clients can drop into the Community Dental Access Centre, located at 3107C-31st Ave., Vernon, during the following times: Sept. 11, 12 and 13 from 8 a.m. – 2 p.m. or call 250-550-0338.

The Seniors Action Network meetings will be starting up again in September. SAN is an organization composed of seniors and their supporters, sponsored by the Seniors Information Bureau that endeavors to address issues and concerns that are of importance to the well being of all seniors in the greater Vernon area. Representatives from Vernon Council and the Regional District are part of the group as well as many other organizations, and this is an opportunity to really have a say in what happens to you as a senior. Meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at the People Place, 10 a.m. to noon in Room 006. Call Dayle Drury at 250-545-8572 for more information. Hope to see you there.

The Arthritis Community Support Group has not set a date for their next meeting and if you are interested in being involved in this support group you can call Carolyn at 250-542-6333. If you want arthritis answers and information call toll-free 1-866-414-7766 or check out their website at www.

If you have any questions or comments call me at 250-542-7928 or e-mail

Pat Black writes about issues of importance to seniors, appearing every other Sunday.