Peter Kendal: Sons offer a hundred thousand welcomes

Sons of Scotland celebrate St. Andrew's Day with their annual ceilidh

  • Nov. 20, 2011 5:00 p.m.

Join the Sons of Scotland as they honour Scotland, the evening, and anything else with the new Celtic sensation, Cod Gone Wild — the Okanagan’s very own (and very good) Maritime party band. Eat, drink and dance the night away!

Saint Andrew’s Night is on Nov. 30. But here in Vernon, we will celebrate it on the nearest weekend which is Nov. 26 at 7 p.m. The Sons of Scotland invite those with an interest in anything Scottish, to our family Ceilidh. “Ceilidh,” pronounced “kaylee” is a Gaelic word for a meeting or visit, but in practice it is a concert or an occasion for general merriment after which the attendees can mean it when they say “What a night! I really enjoyed it!”

Last year at our ceilidh, Cod Gone Wild were an instant hit with the audience and they have had another year to get even better! Come and judge for yourself. Bring your family, bring your friends, and wear (if you have it) tartan! There is something for everybody that enjoys a great night, including the weans (that’s Scottish for children)!

Saint Andrew, although he never set foot in Scotland, was chosen by an early King of the Scots to be their patron saint. Before the Battle of Athelstaneford he saw a cross-shaped white cloud in the blue sky. He swore that if the Scots won the day then he would adopt that shape for the Scots nation. The Scots did win and that cross became the symbol of Scotland and has remained so ever since. We share that symbol with a few other nations, including Russia, and we will share the Saint Andrew’s Night celebrations with all!

The Sons of Scotland are a benevolent organization throughout Canada dedicated to the preservation of Scottish culture in Canada and whose objectives include cultivating an appreciation of Scottish literature, history, dancing (both country and Highland), encouraging the wearing of the national Scottish dress and of course Scotland itself.

The cost for this event is adults $25, children 6 to 12 years, $10. Proceeds are to support youth involved in the Celtic arts such as highland dancing, piping and drumming. In 2011 our camp has given bursaries to four young folk to assist them in the cost of attending the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band’s camp at Silver Star, Piping Hot Summer Drummer. For more information, see the Sons of Scotland website or phone 250-503-3886 for tickets. Tickets are also available in Vernon at the Bean Scene, Schubert Centre, Argyll School of Celtic Arts, and Shear Dimension.

And we wish you as they say in the Gaelic, “Ceud Mille Failte” (a hundred thousand welcomes)!

Peter Kendal is a freelance writer for The Morning Star and a member of The Sons of Scotland.