John Van Dyk

John Van Dyk

Play being produced by Kelowna theatre has Vernon connection

Vernon playwright Logan Mullin is about to see the world premiere of his new play, Judith Ruins Everything.

A Vernon playwright is about to see the world premiere of his new play, Judith Ruins Everything.

Logan Mullin’s script is being produced by New Vintage Theatre, and opens the Kelowna company’s third season.

Mullin, like the audience, will be watching the play in its entirety when it opens at the Creekside Theatre in Lake Country, Thursday.

“I don’t find it terrifying, I am sure that might change a bit as I sit in my seat on opening night, but I have so much confidence in director Angela Lavender and I think the cast is so great,” said Mullin in a press release.

An artist and author, Mullin has tried his hand at several genres and first tried to write this story in novel form.

“But it just didn’t work,” he said. “It was after starting to write it as a play I realized this was going to work well. I have seen it in workshops with actors several times and I think audiences will find it appeals to them and will make them think about the nature of their own happiness.”

Judith Ruins Everything is about a woman who seemingly has everything – a cool Vancouver loft, a handsome husband, great job and opportunity to travel. However, she cannot seem to find happiness because of an unresolved mystery from her past.

The play starts on the very evening when Judith (played by Kendra Hesketh) takes matters into her own hands and decides to once and for all meet up with a childhood friend who can actually shed some light on the issue that has nagged at her for years.

Nathaniel, Judith’s husband (John Van Dyk), patiently supports his wife’s invitation to these strangers for dinner, but he is not expecting an evening of fireworks that ensues once the guests (Cory Armour and Tamara Ross) have arrived and pleasantries have gone out the window.

“What I love about this story is that it is one that I have never heard before,” said New Vintage’s artistic director Bonnie Gratz. “I have spent my career reading, viewing and creating stories,  but this one is so unique and left me with such a lasting impression.

“I also love that the play was developed in our Playwrights Hot House program, so I had the great pleasure of seeing it develop from the beginning.”

Judith Ruins Everything runs at the Creekside Theatre, Thursday through Saturday at 7 p.m. Tickets are $25 each or $80 for a group of four and are available by calling Creekside at 250-766-9309. Each performance includes a chance to win Lake Country prizes, including golf, wine, ziplining and more.