Michael Poirier has a book signing for his first novel

Michael Poirier has a book signing for his first novel

Poirier takes a walk on the dark side

Michael Poirier, Bloodlines, first novel, signing copies at Gallery Vertigo

While Michael Poirier is known for his plays, comedies and musical comedies, his first book takes a darker turn.

Bloodlines follows a troubled young man with dangerous psychic powers through to a disturbing conclusion. Or is it another beginning?

Poirier, who grew up around the province, wrote as a child but never showed his work to anyone. In 2000, a friend convinced him to let her read one of his short stories.

“She belonged to a theatre group and asked me to write a play for them. I said, ‘What does a play look like?’ and she gave me one to read. I thought, ‘That’s just dialogue. I love writing dialogue.’ So I wrote a play for them and they produced it,” he said.

He came to Vernon to work as a millwright seven years ago and started writing musical comedies with his partner, Julie Armitage. Some of their work has been produced as dinner theatre during Vernon Winter Carnival.

His play, Perriott and Mr. Grump, won the Theatre B.C. One Act Play Award in 2007. It was written for actor David Jones and produced by his wife Jo Jones.

Poirier picked up the manuscript for Bloodlines, first handwritten in 1985, and finished it earlier this year. With encouragement from his editor, Cathy Brown, it was published recently.

“It is thriller horror. If you don’t like that genre, you may not like it. If you don’t like it because of the content, it succeeds as well. It leaves the question of two brothers, basically with the same powers, one who would use them for evil purposes, the other who would like them to go away. If the book is your genre, you’re going to really enjoy it,” he said.

“I am not the people I write about, but when I write, I can see that person. Your mind takes you as far as you want to let it go. Reality is reality but fantasy is something you have control over. It would be interesting to see the book as a film.”

Poirier has written two screen plays and shot them as short films and would like to do more screenplays.

“I have a million stories in me. I write because I can write. It comes very easy to me. I have a short story that is also paranormal and I would like to expand that into a novel. I write because I want to write. It is a passion,” he said.

Poirier will be signing copies of Bloodlines Saturday from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. at Gallery Vertigo in Vernon. The book is also available at Bookland, Shoppers Drug Mart downtown and Eclectibles in Vernon.