Probing the mystery of healing

Wellness/healing series will explore the topic through demonstration, discussion and information-sharing during each of four sessions

Few people can say that they know what healing is all about. Modern medicine is constantly puzzled by patients who do not behave predictably. People live when by all calculations they should die; people die when by all calculations they should live. Their behavior is a mystery to many, medical doctors and alternative health practitioners alike.

And then there is the large body of people who hover between the not sick, not well category, (that’s most of us, the not sick-not-well-people). And we are not utterly predictable either. However, through us it is possible to understand that much of illness exists on an emotional and/or spiritual level long before it becomes a measurable disturbance.

Through us it becomes possible to understand, and then change or balance out sickness before it becomes symptomatic. And that is part of the service of the health practitioner.  In one way or another, these folks are all striving to prevent the degeneration of people into patients.

Join us at the Essentialist Church of Christ, 2001-45th Ave., Vernon, Fridays at 7 p.m. as we begin our exploration into healing and wellness, with the following presentations:  Sept. 18, Marilee Goheen, certified Pranic healer; Oct. 16, Anita Kuipers, Way of the Heart practitioner; Nov. 6, Douglas Miller, Naturopathic Doctor; Dec. 4, Lisa Kilgour, registered holistic nutritionist.

We have asked these practitioners to answer the question, “What is healing?”  in their presentations. The question will be explored through demonstration, discussion and information-sharing.

These presentations are sponsored by the Kebzeh Foundation and the Essentialist Church of Christ. Entry is by donation.

Space is limited, so please sign up for any or all  four of the sessions by emailing