Braden Karringten (right) receives his level three certification in Spring Forest Qigong from master Chunyi Lin

Braden Karringten (right) receives his level three certification in Spring Forest Qigong from master Chunyi Lin

Qigong helps turn practitioners into healers

An introduction to Qigong for beginners starts up Oct. 9, led by Braden Karringten, who has recently earned his level three

For the past three years, Braden Karringten has been leading groups in the practice of Spring Forest Qigong.

And thanks to a recent workshop he attended in Calgary, he is able offer even more to his groups.

Led by founder and Qigong master Chunyi Ling, the workshop led to Karringten upgrading his skills to a level three position.

“This involves advanced energy development and healing, focusing on cancer-related illness,” said Karringten. “As a bonus, one day was spent just on healing through forgiveness.”

When he took his levels one and two courses three years ago, there were only two or three practising groups in Canada.

“Since then, this style of Qigong, which is a simple moving meditation with five basic moves, has spread all across Canada,” said Karringten. “Why?  Simply, it works. There are many testimonials of people that have gone from dealing with different types of chronic illness’s to leading normal happy healthy lives.

“The ‘Breath of Qigong’ supports a greater uptake of oxygen by expanding our lung capacity. Oxygen, the body’s most important fuel, is increased and therefore the results are less stress to the body as more cells are nourished fully.  So all functions of the body become normalized and even stronger, creating balance. Remove the imbalances and you remove the pain and then healing truly begins.”

As a result of his practice, Karringten has enrolled in the Medical Qigong (TCM) program.

“This multi-year journey is to further my knowledge of this wonderful practice so that I may help, support and share this knowledge as an alternate way of supporting our own healing.”

Karringten leads practice groups at Alba Healing Arts (behind K&K books near downtown Safeway) every Tuesday from 6:30  p.m. to 7:20 p.m., with advanced Qigong from 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m Classes are also held Fridays from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Introduction for beginners starts Wednesday and runs every second and fourth week, 6:30 p.m. to 7:30  p.m. at the People Place in Vernon. For more information, see

All classes are by donation.