Wanda Lock and friends painted a Lake Country sidewalk to promote inclusiveness.

Wanda Lock and friends painted a Lake Country sidewalk to promote inclusiveness.

Rainbow sidewalks promote acceptance

Lake Country artists participate in You, Me, We, A Pride Painting Project

  • Oct. 18, 2015 2:00 p.m.

It started out as a conversation between some friends in the Lake Country arts community.

And it ended up as a positive message of acceptance in the form of guerilla art.

Artist Wanda Lock and some friends, colleagues and passers-by got together and painted a sidewalk in a movement to promote acceptance for all.

“It was a conversation I was having with many people in Lake Country,” said Lock.

“We thought it would be nice if Lake Country could do something to recognize acceptance and make a statement that we are inclusive and accept diversity.”

The rainbow coloured sidewalk painting — which Lock called You, Me, We, A Pride Painting Project — mirrors the rainbow colours that have signified acceptance of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender community.

“The response I have been getting has been fantastic,” said Lock.

“Even from people I don’t even know. This was kind of a pilot project so if we could do it in the spring and maybe do the entire sidewalk I think the community would be behind it.”

Lock said the idea came from movements from other city’s such as Kelowna, which has four rainbow coloured crosswalks to promote acceptance.

The painted sidewalk is in front of George Elliot Secondary and was painted using exterior paint, meaning it won’t be permanent.

But Lock is hoping to make it more permanent in the future.

“This was kind of guerilla art,” she said.

“If we do this in the spring, maybe we can do something proper. As artists in our community i think that is part of our responsibility, to get out there and make a statement.”

Lock was helped in the project by Petrina McNeil, Yolanda Robinson, Megan Ross, Rick Davidson, Neena Sood, Elizabeth Henderson, Tara Milne and Jamie McEwan, all from Lake Country and special guest artist from Kelowna, Rena Warren.