Reality shows to star Okanagan

Plans are underway to film a Real Housewives-type reality show in the Okanagan that will air next year.

  • Nov. 13, 2011 11:00 a.m.

Plans are underway to film a Real Housewives-type reality show in the Okanagan that will air next year.

Beach Town is a reality show that follows the lives of six women who live in the Okanagan as they enjoy all the valley has to offer, including going to wineries, sailing, shopping, fine dining, spas, beaches, and so much more, said creator Bruce Brady, who recently relocated from Calgary to the Okanagan.

“We are now in communication with a major broadcaster which loved the pilot and is pushing to air it spring,” said Brady.

“The Okanagan is the perfect place to create this show,” he added. “It has all the elements needed to make a successful show including beautiful scenery, interesting things to do, and of course. dramatic and attractive women.”

A short pilot for the series was originally shot last summer and sent to various networks, who Brady says loved the concept and location.

“They in turn gave me endless suggestions, which included more drama and character interaction,” he said, adding he and his crew will start filming again in January, taking the cast to local spas, hot springs, ski resorts and elsewhere.

Brady, who describes himself as an artist, musician, photographer, published author and filmmaker, put himself through film school while building custom homes. He has received praise for his work in numerous television and newspaper segments.

And he already has plans to shoot another series, Beach House, in the Okanagan, which will more of a Jersey Shore-meets-Big Brother-type reality show.

“(It will) bring a group of young people from neighboring cities together in a house, where they basically live and fight it out to see who wins in the end,” he said.

Casting for that series will begin in spring of 2012 and shooting will get underway July 1.

Brady is also seeking Okanagan businesses who are interested in purchasing national commercial time or sponsorships for his programs, and is also looking for partners to help open up a full Hollywood-style motion picture studio here in the Okanagan, which will allow for the production of various television shows and feature films.

“I want to help bring exposure opportunity and jobs to the Okanagan. This is the perfect location and the people here are amazing and deserve some more good in their lives,” he said.

For more information, contact Brady by emailing