Berniece Quinn and Michael Berry

Berniece Quinn and Michael Berry

Reel and jig the Scottish way

Keep fit and have fun with the Vernon Scottish Country Dancers

Scottish Country Dancing is a tradition that is centuries old but continues to evolve with the times as new and modern dances are added.

Scottish Country Dancing does attract a more mature crowd, but people of all ages can benefit from this form of dance as it is by no means sedate and has many health benefits.

With just a few basic easy-to-learn steps, you too can be reeling and jigging in no time and meeting many new like-minded people.

Scottish Country Dancing extends well beyond the borders of Scotland and there are groups in almost every country and in most cities in Canada.

This form of social dance is for groups of six or eight people, you don’t need a kilt and you don’t need a partner and it is a great recipe for a healthy heart, an active mind and a strong body.

The Vernon Scottish Country Dance Club has been in operation for more than 20 years and in April hosted their 20th annual workshop, which attracted around 80 dancers (both beginners and advanced) from all over the province as well as Alberta.

The mission of the club is to promote Scottish Country Dancing in accordance with the rules of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society based in Edinburgh, Scotland of which they are members.

If you want to keep fit and have fun in a friendly relaxed atmosphere, then come and join the club which meets at Knox Presbyterian Church Hall, Tuesday nights from 7 to 9.30 p.m., starting Tuesday, Sept. 13. For more information contact Ruth at 250-545-2626 or Kathy 250-542-4139.