Sam Lerner

Sam Lerner

Reel Reviews: A waste of time travel

Project Almanac has some great ideas that don't pan out

  • Feb. 8, 2015 8:00 p.m.

When five high school friends discover a prototype of a time machine, they begin using it to travel to the past and change their futures. It isn’t too long before the changes they make begin to affect aspects of their lives negatively.

We say, “It might be the worst time travel movie ever made.”

TAYLOR: I Googled “time travel movies” and discovered a list of about 50 titles, most of which I have seen, all of them better than Project Almanac. However, it’s still not the worst movie ever made. The film just flip flops between being pointless and therefore boring, or exploiting bad camera work as a “found footage film” and therefore annoying.

HOWE: It’s one of those movies where you have to take your brain out and plop it in the seat next to you, not because it’s bad, but because none of it makes sense. I think the main reason for this is that they had these great plans about changing some major time in history yet didn’t attempt any of them. Instead they just went back in time, got rich, partied and made out with girls. You can tell Michael Bay had something to do with Project Almanac.

TAYLOR: These kids could be doing so many interesting things, instead they waste 20 minutes of film taking the same chemistry test repeatedly and spending another 20 minutes bouncing at a concert.

HOWE: Speaking of the test, how come they didn’t bump into themselves? They must have travelled back to the same place and time repeatedly.

TAYLOR: Did you forget to take your brain out and plop it in the seat next to you? Why ask questions for which there is no answer? Project Almanac features would-be scientist teenagers, held back by a dumb plot, resulting in a dumb movie. There is a long list of what is wrong with this movie, the only thing right about it is its premise. I was looking forward to this one because of the premise, as time travel is one of my favourite film subject matters. This film is made by people who have no idea about the subject and to make things worse, is filmed using a cheap methodology meant to hide the fact that they also don’t know how to make a movie.

Howe gives Project Almanac 2.5 XBox time machines out of 5.

Taylor gives it 1.5 lifetimes on the shelf where it belongs out of 5.

The feature is currently playing at Galaxy Cinemas.