Reel Reviews: Eastwood strikes out

The Trouble with the Curve is that it's boring, say Morning Star film reviewers.

  • Oct. 5, 2012 5:00 a.m.
Amy Adams and Clint Eastwood star in baseball film

Amy Adams and Clint Eastwood star in baseball film

Gus (Clint Eastwood) is a scout for the Atlanta Braves baseball team. Lately, age seems to be catching up with him. He’s nearing retirement, his eyesight is failing, he keeps bumping into things, either in his living room, or in his car.

Despite all this he remains as miserable and mean as he always was.

Mickey (Amy Adams) is Gus’s daughter, a lawyer, who also happens to know a great deal about baseball and scouting. She is roped into going on a scouting trip in order to help her grumpy father assess an up and coming ball player. Along the way, the two will have to overcome their past, work out their issues, which are varied, vague, unnecessary and boring.

We say, “ZZZZzzzzzzzz….”

TAYLOR: Baseball, getting old, falling apart, stubbornness, pride, impatience, parenting, ineptitude… They all seem like reasonable points to put in the plot of a movie that is essentially about relationships, or perhaps lack thereof. Unfortunately this film tries too hard. So if you like broad saccharin strokes, by all means, help yourself. I couldn’t wait to get out of the theatre.

HOWE: Trouble with the Curve is like a foul ball: it’s not fun to see and it stinks. With all the talent they have in Trouble, I am surprised how bad it really was. After only 10 minutes I was thinking to myself, “Have I really got to watch another hour and 50 minutes? Please, somebody take me out to the ballpark, and just leave me there.”

TAYLOR: Eastwood, a man who has made some great movies in front of and behind the camera, has usually played a curmudgeon, so this is nothing new. However, this film is stupid. It’s so rife with instances we’ve seen in other films of this nature that it could be used in film school as an example of what not to do. I found myself thinking things like, “Oh no, they’re not gonna have him start crying at the gravestone are they?” Only to have them top my worst fears by having him sing “You are my sunshine” at the same time. From there the film seemed to be an exercise of going through motions that strained my eyes due to my rolling them.

HOWE: Yeah, Eastwood’s singing voice hasn’t improved any since Paint Your Wagon. He’s getting predictable and I’m getting very bored of him playing the same character in every movie he stars in. Even the bubbly Amy Adams couldn’t rescue this disaster.

TAYLOR: I’ve never noticed Adams’ particular talent. I think I’ve seen all her movies and she merely… is. Plus, Mickey’s idea of pushing the envelope was eating a hotdog, so she’s not winning an Oscar here. Justin Timberlake isn’t either. He too is guilty of stinking. Everyone should let this movie slide by like an outside pitch.

HOWE: And take your base.

–– Howe gives Trouble with the Curve 1.5 clogs out of 5.

–– Taylor gives it 1 pop fly out of 5.

The movie is currently showing at the Galaxy Cinemas in Vernon.

–– Peter Howe and Brian Taylor are film reviewers living in Vernon, B.C.