Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman

Reel Reviews: Leave the Vegas act behind, boys

Last Vegas wastes its talented cast with barely there humour.

  • Nov. 10, 2013 2:00 p.m.

Four lifelong friends, now in their golden years, travel to Las Vegas for a bachelor party and wedding.

Billy (Michael Douglas), the group’s sworn bachelor, has proposed to his 30-something girlfriend and Paddy (Robert DeNiro), Archie (Morgan Freeman) and Sam (Kevin Kline) are going to party like it’s 1959.

We say, “Have a nice nap instead.”

TAYLOR: This film is going to be enjoyed by folks, as evidenced by the laughter I heard in the theatre and the comments overheard as we left. However, the morosely titled Last Vegas is a by-the- numbers, cookie-cutter comedy, about as funny as a tall glass of water, room temperature. It’s mildly entertaining, it made me smile a couple times.

HOWE: Oh dear, I feel like I’ve been let down by this OAP gang let loose in Vegas. I’m not saying that it’s a bad movie, it’s just that it’s not that funny. All the best bits are in the trailer and it’s a little lame now that I have seen and heard the same jokes for the millionth time. Guys, if you’re going to make a comedy make sure that the movie has more jokes than just the ones in the trailer. No wonder Mr. Freeman had to go for a nap when they got to Vegas. I felt the same watching this.

TAYLOR: I’ve mentioned before I sometimes think of the two of us as Waldorf and Statler, the old Muppets in the balcony, complaining about the show: “Damn kids these days…”  Yet here we are complaining, “Damn seniors these days…” But you have hit the nail on the head with this one, Mr. Howe. People were laughing before the jokes came, because they knew they were coming, because they had already seen them. For a comedy that has only about eight jokes in it (none of them original,) it would have been better served with a teaser trailer. Of course, there could also have been more and better comedy written into the film…

HOWE: Especially considering the talent involved. What a waste! Well I guess it was their time to have a crack at the Vegas routine. A good few years back you had the pretty pack with the Oceans movies, then you had the Wolf Pack in the Hangover trilogy. They probably thought it would be a great idea to make a movie about a bunch of retired gents taking in the sights around a swimming pool and judging a bikini contest. Sounds a little pervy to me.

– Howe gives Last Vegas 2 aqua-aerobic classes out of 5.

– Taylor gives it 2 Viagra out of 5.

The film continues at the Galaxy Cinemas in Vernon.

Peter Howe and Brian Taylor are movie reviewers based in Vernon, B.C.