Reel Reviews: More Minions equals more laughs

Taylor and Howe say Despicable Me 2 is every bit as fun and funny as the first.

  • Jul. 12, 2013 2:00 p.m.
Gru’s Minions move Despicable Me 2 along.

Gru’s Minions move Despicable Me 2 along.

In the first film, super-villain Gru (Steve Carell) had a change of heart about his nefarious ways, in the end choosing to be a good dad to three adorable little girls.

Now Gru has been recruited back into the exciting, gadget-filled world of the Anti-Villain League, this time to save the world from a powerful new super-villain who threatens not only Gru and his Minions, but his family as well.

We say, “It’s every bit as fun and funny as the first.”

TAYLOR: I enjoyed Despicable Me 2. It has all the features that made the first film popular: cute kids, a touching transformation of a questionable character, the bumbling Minions, (the little yellow pill guys.) By giving Gru a partner from the Anti-Villain League in the form of ambitious and pretty Lucy (Kristen Wiig), the subplot is provided the opportunity to pluck heartstrings by way of completing their family unit.

So, not unlike the first film, there is a great deal of classic sentiment, cool cartoon spy styling and slapstick.

I’m not usually a fan of the latter, but the Minions get me laughing. I think it’s because of their bubbly French gibberish. There is more Minion action in this film than in the first.

HOWE: I will agree with you on most of what you are saying. My problem with it is there are a lot of movies like this: Megamind, The Incredibles and even Cars 2. There’s not much new in the way of a storyline. There’s the bad guy who wants to take over the world, lots of gadgets and a love interest. I didn’t even find it that funny, and that’s a shame because you have two of the best in Carell and Wiig, but I guess they are limited to what they can do with the script.

FENIN: I loved it. The Minions were very funny. I laughed and laughed at them. Dad, can I have one of those?

HOWE: Ask your mum.

TAYLOR: I saw it with my wife, in a packed house full of excited kids. There was a lot of laughter. I’m pretty sure DM2 was funnier than Monsters University.

I can agree we’re not breaking new ground here. Perhaps it’s the European touch on the suave cartoon spy flick that intrigues me more than the somewhat boorish American college comedy. Perhaps it’s because there’s a depth to this film not present in a film about teenage monsters, but I liked DM2 better.

HOWE: I don’t know if Fenin loved it as much as he said he did. I found him getting fidgety after about the hour mark. Maybe this storyline was a little too old for him (he is only five), whereas, Monsters University, he sat through from start to finish, not saying a word. Out of the choice of the two of them playing right now, MU is funnier and more original. I found Despicable Me 2 only so-so.

Fenin gives Despicable Me 2 5 cats out of 5.

Howe gives it 3 jellies out of 5.

Taylor gives it 3.5 blind dates out of 5.

The film is currently showing at the Galaxy Cinemas in Vernon.

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