Reel Reviews: Statham plays it Safe

Action star Jason Statham is at his best in new thriller Safe.

  • May. 4, 2012 8:00 p.m.
Jason Statham stars as Luke Wright in Safe.

Jason Statham stars as Luke Wright in Safe.

Jason Statham is back and up to his usual butt kicking and taking of names.

This time out he has to protect an 11-year-old Chinese girl who has memorized the encrypted combination to a safe.

Dirty cops, Russian and Chinese gangsters all want what’s in the safe, so if Statham is to be successful, he has to keep his bullets and fists flying.

Can he do it? Can he do anything else? Does anyone care?

We say, “It’s Statham at his best.

TAYLOR: Jason Statham movies are all the same. He’s always some mysterious man with a sketchy past who reluctantly is thrown in to some hair-brained scenario where he must either beat up or kill many people, just to be allowed to go about his business, whatever that may be. However, at least in this film, we have a nearly plausible scenario in a believable world.

HOWE: Yeah right. It’s about as believable as the Loch Ness monster or Bigfoot.

TAYLOR: What I mean is, although Statham’s character in this film is still some kind of super soldier, he’s not, for instance, pumped full of some crazy, ticking time bomb drug that’s going to make his heart explode. I have no problem believing that both Russian and Chinese mobsters are in cahoots with dirty New York cops. And also, his name is Sasquatch.

HOWE: I’m not disagreeing with you on Statham’s character. He did fine, as did all the actors. It’s more on the believability of the movie itself. I just can’t see NYPD’s finest opening fire on innocent bystanders just to get the bad guys.

TAYLOR: Not its finest, just its dirtiest. Also, there are no good guys in this movie, this is one of the things I enjoyed about the film, everyone was up to no good, even the little girl. I actually enjoyed this somewhat predictable film, which is saying something for a Statham vehicle. For some unknown reason, despite not being a fan, I’ve seen most of his films. Safe is his best.

HOWE: Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy Safe. It had everything I could ask for in an action movie: car chases, fights and a semi decent storyline, I’m just glad I put my brain in the seat next to me to really enjoy it.

TAYLOR: Well if you pay for J. Stat, you get J. Stat. It’s not like I’m rushing out to stock my DVD collection or anything. I’m just sayin’ that at least this one didn’t make me think I was stupid for watching it. And also, Sasquatch is real.

HOWE: Hopefully Mr. Statham’s next role will be a bloke who sings in a Queen cover band, proving once and for all his acting ability and shedding his tough guy image. Any ideas what his next movie is?

TAYLOR: The Expendables 2.

HOWE: Bloody hell! Just make sure there’s a spare seat next to me for my guest.

––Taylor gives Safe 3 numbers to crack out of 5.

––Howe gives it 3 gangrenous feet out of 5.

The feature is currently screening at Galaxy Cinemas in Vernon.

–– Brian Taylor and Peter Howe are movie reviewers living in Vernon. Their column, Reel Reviews, appears in The Morning Star every Friday and Sunday.