Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz star in Sex Tape.

Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz star in Sex Tape.

Reel Reviews: This Sex Tape isn’t worth leaking

Sex Tape is a sappy movie about boring people, but it has a couple of laughs.

  • Jul. 27, 2014 7:00 p.m.

Married with two children, Jay (Jason Segel) and Annie (Cameron Diaz) decide to spice up their lackluster love life by filming an enactment of the book The Joy of Sex.

When their homemade sex tape is accidentally shared via computer negligence, Jay and Annie must deal with the consequences and stop the video from spreading further. Will it ruin their lives? Will it make them famous? Will they have any dignity left to defend?

We say, “Sex Tape is a sappy movie about boring people, but it has a couple of laughs.”

TAYLOR: Unfortunately for Sex Tape, a predictable premise plays out to situations the audience sees coming and therefore aren’t very funny. The laughs that do come stem from the surprises the filmmakers have in store for you, but they are few and far between.

Segel’s Jay character seems to have the likeable goofiness we’ve seen from him before. He made me laugh a couple times. I’m not sure what Diaz is doing with Annie, but I’m confident she isn’t being funny.

Diaz, who has been in a lot of films this year, is someone whom I often find unbelievable in a role. I’m beginning to wonder if that includes any role. Perhaps I cannot see her as human at all…

HOWE: That’s because she’s become Batman’s nemesis, The Joker. There were a few scenes that made me laugh, nearly all of them included their best friends Robby (Rob Corddry) and Tess (Ellie Kemper). I don’t know what it is about Segel. We’ve seen him on the big screen a few times now and I find he’s just not that funny, yet put him in How I Met Your Mother and I love him.

It was nice to see Robe Lowe back in the movies. Yet again, like Segel and Diaz, he wasn’t that funny, but the artwork that adorned his walls made me smile a few times.

TAYLOR: I did laugh out loud a couple of times. The film has moments that are funny. It’s just not funny enough. The film felt like a TV show, formulaic, watered down, laugh track writing, passable acting. But this is a  $40 million film with big Hollywood names. To have provided us the majority of the humour in the trailer is telling of a film they want you to get to, before you hear from people you trust that it is disappointing. Well, we’re telling you, it’s disappointing.

HOWE: It is disappointing. You work hard all week, pay good money to get into the theatre just to watch a turkey.

–Taylor gives Sex Tape 2 tangible assets out of 5.

– Howe gives it 2 attack dogs out of 5.

Brian Taylor and Peter Howe are film reviewers are based in Vernon, B.C.