Lumby resident Fred Ogloff and Barb Dyck

Lumby resident Fred Ogloff and Barb Dyck

Refresh those driving skills

Drivers of all ages are invited to a free driving workshop in Lumby on Aug. 21

If you’ve been looking for a way of upgrading your driving skills, look no further than the Lumby Health Centre, which is hosting a free workshop presented by Extreme Professional Driver Training Thursday in Lumby.

“Usually this clinic would cost approximately $900,” said Georgie Hay, a member of the Lumby & District Health Services Society. “We have this opportunity to hone driving skills for people of all ages for free!

“Attending this event will update your driving skills and teach you the current traffic rules for things like yellow lights, emergency vehicles and we’ll also learn some of these new signs — I know sometimes I find them very confusing.

“We will be challenged on the way we think about how we drive. We will also discuss parking and backing up in a safe and legal way. This clinic is a whole day of learning and applying our newly sharpened driving skills.”

Lumby resident Fred Ogloff has always supported the Lumby Health Centre and appreciates the presentations, health forums, workshops and seminars, attending quite a few over the years. He has been concerned about the way some drivers don’t always follow the proper techniques, forgetting about laws and driving etiquette, sometimes forgetting road safety all together.

“Fred requested this clinic quite some time ago, and here it is,” said Hay.

There are no credits to be earned and taking this course does not change the status of your current driver’s licence, nor absolve any past traffic violations or convictions.

“Every driver is a passenger,” said Ogloff. “I strongly urge everyone to take in as much of this free defensive driving clinic as possible.”

The clinic runs Thursday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., at Whitevalley Community Resource Centre, 2250 Shields Ave., Lumby.  Pre-register by calling Barb or Maureen at 250-547-9741 or Ogloff at 250-547-6888. If you want to drive the obstacle course, please bring your own vehicle.