Vernon Restholm staff member Loris Ueckert

Vernon Restholm staff member Loris Ueckert

Restholm crafters ‘Help with Quilts’

Residents at Vernon Restholm have put their talents to good use, by making and donating quilts, hats and socks for the Gleaners Society

The quilters at Vernon Restholm Help with Quilts group know how to get the best out of every piece of cloth and yarn.

So far this year, they’ve made 180 children’s quilts, 300 crocheted and knitted hats and dozens of pairs of socks to be sent in the Gleaners Society dried soup mix containers. Most of what they make will probably be sent to Eastern Europe but they know it will be appreciated wherever it goes.

“This is a very satisfying thing to do. What we aim for is a warm quilt to make a child happy. We get a lot of whole cloth donated but there are always scraps and because we are gleaners, we use everything,” said Erma Soderquist, who organizes Help with Quilts.

The group is always looking for donations of new cloth (they can use pieces as small as 2”x2” in patchwork), quilt batting and yarn. For more information contact Lou Abram at 250-545-1294.