Puppets come to life to help stage A Small Miracle

Puppets come to life to help stage A Small Miracle

Runaway Moon restages A Small Miracle in streets and shops of Enderby

The illustrated Peter Collington book is brought to life by Runaway Moon Theatre this Christmas

Sometimes a story doesn’t need words.

Flipping through the pages of Peter Collington’s illustrated book, A Small Miracle, there is no script, instead the story is laid out in vivid imagery.

Like a detailed mime act, or one of those old silent films, the plot, setting, emotions and eventual miracle experienced by the book’s main character are revealed in a series of detailed coloured drawings.

First staged in 2001, Runaway Moon Theatre is remounting A Small Miracle, a story about an impoverished old woman who is rewarded for her kindness and generosity by some unexpected visitors.

Told by a small cast of puppets, a large cast of actors and a chorus of angels, this timeless tale returns to downtown Enderby starting Saturday.

What makes this production unique, besides its use of puppets, is that it incorporates the community, from the participants who act out the story or sing in the chorus, to the setting.

“Our adaptation is set outside, on the main street of Enderby,” said Runaway Moon’s artistic director Cathy Stubington, a master puppeteer.  “(It) goes in and out of the Marketplace IGA, as well as other scenes taking place in Enderby Jewellers (featuring jeweler Judy Dangel herself) and Mel’s Pizza. And we start and finish inside 703 Vernon Street, thanks to the generosity of the Seventh Day Adventist Church.”

The play will see a chorus of 24 angels who will guide audiences as they make their way across the street from one scene to the next.

Puppets and masked actors will then bring the spectators into the story.

“It’s the changes of scale and reality that remind us that miracles take place around us all the time,” said Stubington, adding the theatre wouldn’t be able to bring this story back to life without the help of the community and sponsors.

A Small Miracle takes to the streets of Enderby Dec. 7, 12, 13 and 14 at 7 p.m. and Dec. 8,  14, 15 at 4:30 p.m.

Tickets are $12 for adults and $5 for children, available at the Enderby Chamber of Commerce or email  info@runawaymoon.org for reservations. Thursday, Dec. 12 is pay what you can.