Family Daze at the Corn Maze is one of a number of fun events taking place at O’Keefe Ranch in October.

Family Daze at the Corn Maze is one of a number of fun events taking place at O’Keefe Ranch in October.

Scream up some fun at O’Keefe Ranch

Get spooked in the Field of Screams, run around the corn maze, embark on a Ghost Tour and sing along to the Rocky Horror Show.

O’Keefe Ranch is daring the public to experience the Field of Screams corn maze.

The theme for 2016 is Field of Screams: Reel Horror, a homage to American cinematic horror.

“From The Ring, to Nightmare on Elm Street, from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, to Halloween, and all your worst nightmares in between, will bring scares and shocks this time around,” said Glen Taylor, ranch manager.

Field of Screams is a fundraiser for the ranch and it helps keep the doors open.

“Last year was an incredible success for both attendance and production quality from the prior year, so much that this year promises to be even more spectacular,” said Taylor. “It’s always about quality over quantity, but this year I think the patrons will agree we’ve done both in spades.”

As part of the project, a large team has been assembled behind the scenes.

Local actor Matt Brown is back to direct the show, while the design team consists of Kristine Larsen, Cara Nunn, Chris Bennett, Cameron Young, Luke Christopherson and George Britch.

“We’re able to do so much more this year, not only because we learned a ton from the previous years, but also because of what our design team was able to get their hands on this time,” said Brown, hinting his team has some crazy ideas in store for the horror movie theme.

The Field of Screams is just one of a few fun events taking place at the O’Keefe Ranch this month.

The ranch is also hosting its annual Family Daze at the Corn Maze, with fun games and activities for all ages taking place in daylight hours during the weekends of Oct. 8 and 9, 15 and 16, and 22 and 23.

Local historian and actor Gabe Newman is also conducting a guided Ghost Tour of the ranch, in the dark(!), Oct. 15 and 22.

And then there’s Big Apple Productions third annual Rocky Horror Show, which is moving from the Interior Provincial Exhibition fairgrounds to the ranch for a five-night run, Oct. 25 to 29.

The locally produced live stage musical, which is more for mature audiences, follows Brad and Janet and that sweet transvestite from Transylvania, Dr. Frank N. Furter, and his scantily clad entourage in famed songs such as Time Warp.

“We also have some new cast members and our director is revamping the show significantly, so it will be quite different from the past two years,” said show producer Melina Moore.

The theatrics will be accompanied by a live band and everyone attending is encouraged to dress up.

VIP tickets will also be available, which includes admission to both the Rocky Horror Show and the Field of Screams.

All these events are in tune with keeping the ranch a viable destination for both locals and tourists.

“Everyone works hard for a great cause and an amazing facility that serves as an historic destination, a very important piece of local history,” said Taylor. “O’Keefe Ranch is just a little older than Canada, so we will be celebrating 150 years next year, as well. It’s this type of event that helps the ranch to not only survive, but thrive.”

Field of Screams opens Oct. 19 and runs Oct. 20, 21, 22, 25, 26, 27, 28 and 29.

There will be two mazes again this year. Gates open at 6 p.m. and admission is $10 per maze at the gate. Oct 25 will have a special entrance deal: two mazes for $15.

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