Dan Jacobson and Heidi Osterman

Dan Jacobson and Heidi Osterman

Seed savers event helps to preserve heritage

Cherryville hosts event with heritage seeds, organic products and information on GMOs.

Heirloom seeds, organic juice tasting and information on genetically modified organisms were all part of the day as Cherryville celebrated its second annual Heritage Seed Saver Day in March.

Organized by Cherryville resident Neville O’Grady and sponsored by the Richland’s Seventh-day Adventists, the event featured 11 tables of heirloom and organic gardener-saved seeds, starter plants, produce, gardening information and more for sale or exchange.

“Seed swaps are gaining in popularity as interest grows in accessing healthy food,” said O’Grady. “Commercial and organic seed companies are more and more coming under the control of Monsanto, a giant GMO seed corporation, limiting the freedom to choose what crops farmers and gardeners grow.”

Kelowna-based nutritionist Heidi Osterman, representing the True Food Foundation, spoke on the need for GMO labeling on all food sold.

“Most European countries require labeling, but it hasn’t been made mandatory in North America yet,” she said. “There has also been no real independent testing on what GMO foods do to those who consume them.

“When Europe did testing on animals, the results were disastrous to the animals. Malformation, sterility, diseases and early deaths were just a few of the results. Consumers have a right to know what they are eating.”

Another highlight at the event was the free carrot juice from Fountain View Academy’s organic carrot farm.

Dan Jacobson, who did the juicing said, “The proof is in the tasting.”

Sandi from Enderby again offered free food samples promoting vegetarian cooking classes.

Pastor Terry McComb summed up the spirit of the event.

“I believe the Creator creates food at its best without mixing plant and animal genes,” he said. “GMO violates  God’s genetic laws found in Genesis 1:11 and Leviticus 19:9.

“People need to make informed choices as to what they feed their bodies and the freedom to make those choices.”

The plans are to sponsor another Heritage Seed Saver event again next year in Cherryville on March 10.