SENS seeking volunteers for Pollinator Path

SENS seeking volunteers for Pollinator Path

Can you imagine a safe super highway for bees, birds, butterflies and other pollinators?

Can you imagine a safe super highway for bees, birds, butterflies and other pollinators?

Sheila Campbell can.

Through her role on the Sustainable Environment Network Society board (SENS), of directors she has begun coordinating local individuals and community groups and consulting with neighbouring communities with the goal of having “as many areas planted with pollinator friendly flowers, vegetables, herbs and trees as possible.”

She calls her vision A Pollinator Path.

Campbell said she feels having these pathways are important because pollinators are finding it increasingly difficult to survive in our current landscape due to things like pesticide use, monocrops, habitat destruction, development and less green space in general. Creating and protecting pesticide-free, natural, pollinator friendly spaces can help them find paths through urban areas, help keep our food supply vigorous, and make our community look more beautiful.

Campbell is looking for volunteers as the Pollinator Path progresses, and said there will be many ways for all ages to contribute to the project over time.

“You can also help by planting local pollinator-friendly species in yards, alleys, boulevards and what some people call the ‘forgotten strip’ – the area between sidewalk and roadway,” she added.

”Xeriscape plants that do well with little or no water are especially well suited to these areas so little or no maintenance is needed.”

According to Campbell, many have expressed interest in being involved in various ways, but the Pollinator Path still needs volunteers to sign up.

“It would be wonderful to have schools, community groups and businesses directly involved or to adopt sections to plant throughout Vernon and area,” Campbell added.

The City of Vernon has previously stated that they are “supportive” of ecological conservation and believe helping pollinators is an important aspect of the local ecosystem. The Regional District of the North Okanagan has also stated that they are looking to partner on regional trails where there are opportunities for habitat enhancement and stewardship.

For more information, contact Sheila through the SENS Facebook page at

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