Jazz-soul songstress Elizabeth Shepherd stops by Vernon Sunday

Jazz-soul songstress Elizabeth Shepherd stops by Vernon Sunday

Shepherd signals return to Vernon

Montreal soul-jazz artist Elizabeth Shepherd performs songs her latest album The Signal at the Pottery Road Yoga Studio Sunday, Nov. 22.

After performing a successful show at the Vernon Jazz Club in the spring, Montreal soul-jazz artist Elizabeth Shepherd is returning to town this weekend.

This time she is performing a more intimate show at the Pottery Road Yoga Studio, Sunday, Nov. 22.

Shepherd’s latest album, The Signal, appeared on best-of lists around the world and was nominated for a 2015 Juno as well as the 2015 Polaris Prize.

Critics on both sides of the Atlantic seem to agree that the record is Shepherd’s strongest, most ambitious and political work yet – even a personal feminist manifesto of sorts.

Shepherd is one of the few female jazz singers out there dismantling the stale old cocktail dress cliché in favour of original content.

She doesn’t shy away from social commentary and difficult issues, which is perhaps explained by the fact that she came to jazz through hip-hop artists such as The Roots and A Tribe Called Quest.

“I feel that (The Signal) is giving voice to my own strength as a woman”, said Shepherd. “Every song except one is about a woman or written from a female perspective. I believe in the sisterhood and its immense power that has yet to be fully explored. Giving birth to a daughter, I knew I had to step up my game as a woman, of what we can do, of how we can lift each other up, and this record is an extension of that realization.”

Shepherd arrived on the international music scene in 2006 when her debut album, Start To Move, was voted one of the top albums of the year by the listeners of the influential Gilles Peterson Show on BBC Radio.

Since then, the Montreal-based songwriter has continued to carve out her own artful, soulful and hip brand of music.

Shepherd takes the stage at the Pottery Road Yoga Studio, 964 Pottery Rd., Sunday at 7 p.m. Opening is the Pottery Road Band. Tickets are $25. Contact Sherrie Erickson at 250-260-0878 to reserve a seat. Space is very limited.