Show salutes the Mackie boys

British vaudeville-like show is a tribute to the Coldstream family that made the ultimate sacrifice during the Second World War.

Local actress Christine Pilgrim is joined by actor/storyteller Daniel Mellows

Local actress Christine Pilgrim is joined by actor/storyteller Daniel Mellows

As veterans and their families get ready to pay homage to those who served and those who fell for Remembrance Day services this weekend, a local team of actors are doing their part to salute a Coldstream family that made the ultimate sacrifice.

Knights and Knonsense at the Mackie Lake House on Saturday not only pays tribute to the sacrifices made by Coldstream’s Mackie family in the Second World War, it will celebrate the spirit of all those who, despite the odds, bravely faced whatever challenges beset them, said Christine Pilgrim, who is hosting the performance.

“The whole evening should be a hoot,” said Pilgrim who, while honouring the Mackie brothers, as well as all those who have given their lives for the freedom of others, feels that we should lay down our arms and settle our differences through dialogue and diplomacy.

Joining the actress will be three young men, actor/storyteller Daniel Mellows, musician El Gusto and poet Jeremy Rousselle, who will pay tribute to John, Geoffrey and Patrick Mackie, all of whom served during the Second World War. The former two brothers paid with their lives.

“But the show won’t be dark and gloomy. Nor will it glorify war. Quite the contrary; there will be old songs, old stories and some very old jokes, British style,” said Pilgrim.

Often known as Mrs. (Grace) Mackie, Pilgrim, who has made a living doing historical reenactments of famed local figures, will don different hats from her extensive wardrobe of outrageous characters, to lighten hearts and tickle fancies and funny bones.

Pilgrim specializes in the corny jokes and songs from the early and mid-1900s that the Mackie family might have enjoyed, and her interactive Benny Hill/Monty Python style always has audiences participating despite any inhibitions they may have.

“This brand of silliness is called Old Time Music Hall in England. It would probably be called vaudeville here – a tad saucy, silly and sentimental,” said Pilgrim.

The event will be washed down with local beer and hot British-style fish ‘n’ chips, provided by Okanagan Spring Brewery and Basket Case Catering, respectively.

Food and beverages will be served at 6:30 p.m., with the show starting at 7:30 p.m.

Tickets must be reserved for the event, with the all-inclusive price of $35. Call the Mackie Lake House at 250-545-1019 or e-mail