Ski patrollers share skills

Volunteer ski patrollers introduce Grade 4 students at Mission Hill elementary to some of the skills required by the Canadian Ski Patrol

Grade 4 students at Mission Hill elementary school take part in a first aid class with their teacher

Grade 4 students at Mission Hill elementary school take part in a first aid class with their teacher

Two local volunteer ski patrollers from the Canadian Ski Patrol recently taught some basic first aid skills to Grade 4 students at Mission Hill elementary school.

Teacher Terry Petersen, a six-year veteran of the Canadian Ski Patrol, invited parent and CSP leader Brent Kisilevich into his class to share some basic bandage skills.

“As part of the health and careers curriculum, children are exposed to learning more about various careers and life skills,” said Petersen.

In this unit of study the students were taught first aid basics, how to effectively call 911, what to do with a choking victim, an unconscious victim, and severe bleeding. Basically the students were learning how to help an injured parent or friend or a child under their babysitting care duties.

The children learned what to do when someone is bleeding and how to make a sling.

“If your bandage soaks through with blood, you add another on top. Don’t take the first one off,” said Wylan Gettis.

Justin Geistlinger appreciated the opportunity to try on an official ski patrol jacket.

“We counted 18 pockets!” he said.

The Canadian Ski Patrol is a national volunteer organization dedicated to providing mountain safety and first aid to skiers and snowboarders. At Silver Star Mountain, more than 50 volunteer patrollers serve alongside the Silver Star Mountain Ski Patrol.

“The life of volunteer patrollers involves a lot of hard work, managing the outdoor winter environment, but the rewards of friendship and social interaction with people who share your passion for snow sports and helping others can sometimes be the best benefit of all,” said Petersen. “It always feels good to share your skills, and give back to the community which has supported you so well over the years.”

The Canadian Ski Patrol at Silver Star is currently recruiting for the upcoming season. If you are an intermediate or advanced boarder or skier, and you are interested in learning or updating first aid, contact for more information or see

Kisilevich said interested candidates are interviewed throughout the spring and summer, with the first volunteer-led training sessions starting in September and running through November.

Meanwhile, at Mission Hill, some early recruitment has already begun.

“I’m going to be a ski patroller one day,” said Melina Pelosof.