Eve and Oscar Bedard

Eve and Oscar Bedard

St. John’s takes a step back in time

The bells rang with joy, welcoming its members to St. John’s Lutheran Church July 24.

  • Aug. 21, 2011 10:00 a.m.

Irene Hirschmiller

Special to The Morning Star

The bells rang with joy, welcoming its members to St. John’s Lutheran Church July 24. One would think they had stepped back in time as they watched the people dressed in 1911 attire hurrying across the parking lot. The ladies of all ages were decked out in hats, long sleeves, long skirts and shawls. The gentleman, men and boys wore hats, bow ties, suspenders, shirt sleeve bands and suites.

Pastor Roy White and Vicar Greg Palmer were garbed in sombre black as they delivered the Sunday message. It was a special service dedicated to Palmer his wife Marla and his children, Lushia, Seth, Manni, Ethan and Emi. Palmer has spent the past year in Vernon and returns to the seminary in Ontario to complete his training as a pastor.

After the service, a matched pair of horses and a buggy driven by Joe Delisimunovic was waiting at the front of the church.  Folks lined up to have a ride and to remember when “those” were the days.  For those younger people, the ride was just a fun thing to do.

An old-fashioned church picnic took place, with kids of all ages playing games, the three legged race, the shoe toss, the potato sack race and the wheel barrow race to name a few.

A picnic would not be a picnic without food consisting of salads, hotdogs and deserts.

Prizes for the best costumes were awarded to: Randy, Diane, Kristen and Mathew Forsyth as well as Jon and Katie Biel. Each was given a day pass to the Interior Provincial Exhibition which is held Aug. 31 to Sept. 4, in Armstrong.

This jog in time is related to St. John’s Lutheran Church being 100 years old. The celebratory weekend is Nov. 11, 12, and 13.