STREET SOUNDS: An enjoyable formula

Dean Gordon-Smith provides his views on the Offspring's latest offering

California punk pop pioneers The Offspring  follow the grid of their early four-on-the-floor formula with their ninth album, Days Go By.

The band doesn’t age gracefully but for what they do, it’s not an option.  Instead, maybe it’s enough to be happy about the familiar and comforting blast of Dexter Holland’s blunt bark of a voice and Noodles’ noisy axe.

Mega-producer  Bob Rock keeps the quartet focused on pounding out a steady barrage of generic noise but that couldn’t be a hard task.

After all, it’s The Offspring; they’re not gonna do country or jazz.  The band has an AC/DC- like dedication to sticking to a formula that’s so intense that it’s almost admirable.  At any rate, it’s enjoyable and humorous.

They do take an excursion into guitar textures that are akin to some of The Cult’s late ‘80’s work on the title track that works well with the song’s drive.

The big appeal of The Offspring is their quotable lyrics and semi-stupid hooks.

They get down to some serio-comic rock on Cruising California (Bumpin’ in my Trunk) that recalls past triumphs of silliness.

OC Guns will satisfy fans who pine for the band’s quirky mix of goofy-cool arrangements andHolland’s undeniable talent for nailing ridiculous phrases into great hooks – “Tiki tiki tiki tiki/What up Holmes?”

Whatever it means, it works.