Street Sounds: Listen to this Brooklyn brood

Chairlift, featuring guy/girl duo Caroline Polachek and Patrick Wimberly, release ethereal sounding Something.

The rain and mist of the dark English moors have drifted across the Atlantic to Brooklyn, once home to Sweathogs like Barbarino and Horseshack.

Well, the names have changed and so has the scene; with the NYC suburb becoming a hipster Mecca, kind of like Haight-Ashbury east… Oh, the irony of it all.

The fog dissipates in the gritty streets, but the hint of Avalon lingers on when somebody presses “play” and Sidewalk Safari breaks out of a window. This cloud of techno confusion clears quickly as the electronica duo known as Chairlift moves through their second album, Something.

This is quiet, pulsing music that’s got to be played loud – very loud, for full effect (check Wrong Opinion and Guilty as Charged).

Vocalist Caroline Polachek is a strong, ethereal singer who leaves the impression of being a less literal, arty Kate Bush – she’s romantic and able without the obscure references.

The otherworldly effect comes down to earth and grooves away as the duo (Polachek and Patrick Wimberly) shift their sights from gothica, grit rock and new millennia techno to create a large spark for melodic electronica.

They allow the atmosphere to set the form of the song with sensible results – it works on instinct. Ghost Tonight and Cool as Fire evoke Swinging London and ’90s Manchester to land somewhere around Manhattan right about now.

Throw on some creatively processed hooks and a Nancy Sinatra sentiment and you’ve got the harmonious vibe of this band.

Illusion is made concrete as the Brontes are dropped off in front of the pizzeria.