Student honours the veterans

The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 25 Vernon honours Grade 7 student with award for poem

Every year, the Royal Canadian Legion requests that a different school in the district provides a poem to be read during the Remembrance Day service.

This year, Kieanna Boomer-Jones, a Grade 7 student at Mission Hill elementary school, recited her poem honouring veterans at this year’s service at Wesbild Centre.

For her efforts, Vernon Branch 25 presented her with the School Program Poppy Appreciation Award.

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day isn’t just about the war where people died.

Bombs exploded, or guns being fired.

It’s about remembering the brave soldiers who fought for our freedom and peace.

The remembrance of traumatized families and the sadness for soldiers who lost their lives.

They had a family that they loved.

Yet they risked their lives for peace and freedom for others in the world.

They had bravery most people don’t have.

Many soldiers lost their lives and were buried thousands of miles away from home.

Some were buried with no marker and their family never got to see their grave.

On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month We Remember Them.

I hope they know