Siesta Motel

Siesta Motel

Students rock for a cause

Seaton Indie Fest, featuring Vernon high school bands, is set for April 24 at W.L. Seaton Secondary, with proceeds to Upper Room Mission.

A W.L. Seaton secondary school student is setting the stage for a number of local independent music acts to show what they’re made of, while supporting a charitable cause.

Grade 12 student Alexa Harwood-Jones, who is also a member of the Seaton Rotary Interact Club, is organizing the Seaton Indie Fest, set for April 24 at her school.

“I wanted to organize an event that not only supports a local charity, but also supports local music,” said Harwood-Jones. “It is a community building event. We can raise money for the Upper Room Mission, a charity which improves the lives of many in our town, and we can create an event that supports student talent and gives local kids something fun to do. It is a great opportunity for young people to express themselves and share a collective experience.”

The event, which is open to students only, will feature bands Siesta Motel, Naked Ghosts and Amistad, among others, with proceeds going to the Upper Room Mission.

With all the energy of an atom bomb, Naked Ghosts says it is fixin’ to steal hearts and souls with its inspiring take on rock and roll. The band is comprised of Vernon Secondary School students Austin Boylan (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Jesse Hubner (drums), Sage Aronyk (bass, backup vocals), and Garnet Aronyk (lead guitar).

Seaton band Siesta Motel, featuring Sheldon Graham (guitar, keys, vocals), Shane Ranger (bass) and Will Friesen (drums, vocals), describes itself as “a road trip to Texas with no air conditioning and Miles Davis and Led Zeppelin albums melting together in your CD player.”

The band is said to play jazzy- blues rock that will have toes  tapping and fingers snapping in no time.

Fellow Seaton band Amistad plays music described as an upsurge of solid material that mixes blunt-edged rock with melodic acoustic textures. The band features Nolan Bassett (bass, vocals, trumpet), Brent Matterson (lead guitar), Carson Bassett (drums, percussion, ukulele), Craig Matterson (piano, synth, organ, vocals) and Aidan Andrews (lead vocals, guitar, keys). Together they have already produced two EPs and are currently writing a full-length album.

The night of music will also feature Manson and Molly and the New Perspective Shakey Deal from VSS.

The Seaton Indie Fest takes place Thursday, April 24 at 7 p.m. Tickets are $10, available at the school.