Alex Lukey

Alex Lukey

Students take the next ‘STEP’

Local secondary students have created a program to help high schoolers make the transition into university

Local high school students are being encouraged to take the next step towards university.

The Student Transition Enrichment Project or “The STEP” took place earlier this month in the Kalamalka secondary school theatre. Sam Bienias, Emma Levorson and Alex Lukey created this event and fully intend to provide this lecture in the following years, and encourage people to take advantage of it to prepare themselves for the transition from high school to university.

The presenters called the event a success, with an attendance of around 45 people from all across the Vernon School District, and say that knowing they helped even one student with the transition into university makes it a success.

“We’re all very passionate about paying it forward,” said Bienias. “By letting the high school students in Vernon know that being successful at university is possible, we hope to encourage more students to take initiative in their education.

“We intend to repeat this event in following years as we’re all very passionate about encouraging post-secondary education.”

Grade 11 Kal student Liam Gall called it a great experience.

“It offered very helpful insight for the future,” he said.

Parent Carri Gauthier called STEP informative for both students and parents.

“The STEP was a great way to get the students thinking about university life and how to begin preparing for their future education,” she said.