Taking a step in the right direction

5 Steps Toward Healthier Relationships is a workshop at Vernon Church of Christ that can help anyone to improve their relationships

Healthy and fulfilling relationships take effort but it may be difficult to know where to start.

On Feb. 23 Minister Murray Ververda will be leading a workshop, “5 Steps Toward Healthier Relationships,” in order to help people understand and apply principles that are helpful for long-term change.

“As a minister, and a counselor, I see people who desire healthy relationships but they often do not know how to develop them, so we put this workshop together to provide a starting point,” said Ververda.

The workshop comes from a Christian mindset and will involve interaction, multimedia, discussion, and a workbook to encourage people to apply the principles in their own lives and in their own way.  The cost to attend is $10 which covers lunch and the production of the workbook.

Ververda has provided other workshops in the past including ones on principles of change, communication, seasons of relationships, personality, anger, stress, apology and forgiveness, so parts of these topics will be discussed through this workshop.

“It is nice to be known as the church with the clever sign out front and the place where people get real help with daily issues,” said Ververda, who has been serving the congregation and community for 12 years and has recently completed a Master of Arts degree in biblical counseling.

The material centers around the following topics covered over four, 45-minute sessions. The five steps in the workshop are:  First Step First; Understanding Yourself; Improving Communication; Relationship Stages; and Apology and Forgiveness.  The material is for any type of relationship so it fits with couples, singles, students, parents, and at-work situations since it encourages the participants to look at what they can do to have healthier relationships in all areas.

“People tend to need some help to change and that is what we are here for,” said Ververda.

The workshop takes place Feb. 23 at the Vernon Church of Christ, 4107 Pleasant Valley Rd., from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.  Preregistration is required because seating is limited. Call the church at 250-545-6892, online at www.vernonchurchofchrist.com or e-mail vernonchurchofchrist@telus.net to register by Wednesday.