The goal is a loving home for every pet

Vernon & District Animal Care Society continues to focus on spaying and neutering of pets

The Vernon and District Animal Care Society was formed in 2001 and has since spayed or neutered close to 12,000 cats.

The non-profit group is completely volunteer-run, with 100 per cent of funds raised going directly to spay/neuter financial assistance.

As well, the society has run an emergency vet care program, but its directors have decided to discontinue this program and instead concentrate its efforts on providing financial assistance to low-income families with spaying and neutering their pets.

“We will be putting all our resources into the spay/neuter assistance program and the feral trap and release program as we feel sterilization is the best and surest way to alleviate the suffering caused by the massive overpopulation of dogs and cats,” said Reid Harvey, president of the VDACS.

The society services the entire North Okanagan. It does not operate a shelter, instead its goal is to reduce the need for a shelter by reducing pet overpopulation.

“Each time we prevent a birth, we prevent another cat or dog from ending up on the streets or in an already crowded animal shelter,” said Harvey. “And each surgery brings us that much closer to the day when every animal has a loving home.

“We encourage people to be real companions to their animals, and to love and have empathy for them.”

For more information, please call 250-542-7203 or e-mail