The Linklater Method helps to free the voice

Huria Schulte helps people learn to free their voices through this voice method that got its start in England in the '40s

Huria Schulte presents a workshop in Vernon Sept. 26 and 27

Huria Schulte presents a workshop in Vernon Sept. 26 and 27

When Huria Schulte lost her voice while acting in a play, it was a turning point that set her on a new path.

Now a Linklater Voice Teacher, Schulte is bringing her expertise to Vernon this month with Introduction to the Linklater Voice Method.

“I am delighted to bring this profound voice work to the Okanagan and share my passion with you,” said Schulte.

Born in Vancouver, Schulte studied acting at the prestigious theatre academy Ernst Busch in Berlin, Germany and received her designation as a Linklater Voice Teacher by Kristin Linklater at the Central School of Speech and Drama in London, England.

“The Linklater Voice Method has changed my life,” said Schulte. “One day I lost my voice during a play. As an actress it is quite a strong experience, not to be able to express yourself vocally.

“It was a turning point in my career which I am very grateful for. Since that moment, my personal search for a holistic vocal approach began. Having undergone a demanding and technical-oriented acting training at Ernst Busch, I only knew the emphasis on the voice importation rather than the development of an effortless voice expression on stage.”

Schulte’s vocal path has been unusual. Her strong interest in the connection of the body and voice made her study alternative healing methods. She became a naturopath with a particular interest in body work. The link between her theatre and therapeutic knowledge then found a synthesis in her voice work with Linklater.

The method was developed by Linklater from the progression of exercises which had been taught by Iris Warren in the ‘40s in England. In the ‘60s it was applied by major theatre companies in the United States. It then became popular in the theatre world around the globe.

“The liberated voice is like a transparent instrument, which reveals impulses, thoughts and emotions,” said Schulte. “Through freeing the voice every person reaches a complete awareness of communicative potential. It improves interpersonal relationships at work as well as in private life.

“The workshop I offer addresses actors, singers, drama students, yoga practitioners, teachers, business managers and truly anyone who is interested in exploring voice and communication.”

The workshop is a pure introduction to the method. Physical awareness, breath awareness, relaxation of the body and the link between body and mind are emphasized.

“I truly love what I do. Everybody has a voice and every person is unique. To free the voice is to free the person, as Kristin Linklater says.”

Introduction to the Linklater Voice Method takes place Sept. 26 from 9 a.m. to noon and Sept. 27 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. at Pottery Road Yoga, 964 Pottery Rd. Cost is $300 plus GST. To register, contact Schulte at 250-308 5207 or