The Planza makes plans to play the North Okanagan this week

Vancouver rock band to play several local venues, including Lorenzo's and the Riverfront Pub

An organically grown rock band from Vancouver, The Planza is in the North Okanagan Friday and Saturday.

The band is rooted in the blues with a natural love for funky riffs.

“The band plays everything from the heart; originals and other peoples’ music,” said bassist Joni Miller.

Born on stage at Vancouver’s Libra Room, a live music venue that puts on shows seven nights a week, The Planza have gone on to record a soon-to-be released album Planza: Greatest Hits.

Craig Anthony fronts the band with his soulful voice and smokin’ guitar. He studied music and recording at Queens’ University. In his spare time, he manages a  restaurant.

Bruno Hubert, drummer and percussionist, is best known as a jazz pianist. He just returned from a tour of Eastern Canada with Brad Turner, playing places such as the Montreal Jazz Festival for 40,000 people.

Besides drumming for The Planza, Hubert heads a jazz trio, is the artistic director at the Libra Room, and the star of Bruno’s Blues, a mocumentary released in 2011.

Miller holds down the bottom end on five-string bass.

For a decade, she worked with the late Vince Eastman as a principal in the MillerEastman band, which spent five years in the Okanagan after breaking down outside of Grindrod in 2005.

This time Miller joins The Planza back in Grindrod to play the Riverfront Pub  Friday. The band also plays Lorenzo’s Café in Ashton Creek, east of Enderby, Saturday.

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