The search begins for Bebe

Bebe the bunny is a small and much-loved rabbit who has hopped away from her home and her owner hopes she will be home soon

Bebe the bunny has gone missing and her owner

Bebe the bunny has gone missing and her owner

Bebe the bunny needs your help. She went missing Sept. 12 in the Alexis Park area of Vernon and it is hoped that someone has seen her and can contact her owner/guardian, Maurie Deaton, to come and bring her home.

Bebe is quite a small rabbit, about 10 inches long and weighs two to three pounds. She is a mottled brown colour with whitish legs and underbelly.

“Bebe’s most striking feature is her very long legs, which make her look like a jack rabbit when she hops/runs,” said Deaton. “This is what will hopefully make people notice her and call to give me her location.”

Bebe’s story started four and a half years ago, when she was brought to the Vernon Rabbit Rescue (VRR) as a tiny, one-week-old baby bunny. A Labrador retriever had brought Bebe home in his mouth. She didn’t even have her eyes open yet and should not have been out of the nest.

Unfortunately, there weren’t any nursing rabbit mothers who could foster Bebe, so she was hand-fed kitten milk by Deaton, founder of VRR.

“Very few baby bunnies that age survive without their mothers,” said Deaton. “Against all odds, Bebe not only survived, but thrived and bonded strongly with her new ‘human mum.’

“She spends a lot of time snuggling with me inside my robe, like a joey kangaroo.”

Deaton said Bebe is a curious and inquisitive animal that literally leaps before she looks.

“She just has to get into everything to check things out and that has gotten her into some pretty tough spots.

“The first night that she arrived at VRR, Bebe managed to get out of the basket she was placed in, then off the bed and was finally found in a closet stuck between the dresser and the wall.”

Since then Bebe has had some other adventures which has led to her being found in or behind bookcases, furnaces and even air returns. She has been nicknamed Houdini and Magellan for her ability to find new places to disappear to.

However, Bebe has never actually been outside and has no “street smarts.” Her curiosity and adventurous spirit could lead to her being injured or killed by cats, dogs, hawks, coyotes, bobcats and cars. If she can be located, Deaton can put out some humane traps to capture Bebe before she gets into any more trouble.

She could be anywhere around Vernon by now. If you think you have seen Bebe, please contact Deaton at 250-558-7720 or 250-938-0122 cell/text.

“It is best if you don’t try to catch her, as she will likely just run away and be harder to trap.

“Please help bring Bebe the bunny home, it is time for her ‘big adventure’ to end, hopefully on a happy and healthy note.”