The Way I See It: A toast to mothers everywhere

Michele Blais honours mothers and all they do for their families, and pays tribute to her own mom.

As I go through my own journey in motherhood I have great appreciation for my own mother and the mothers before me, for those who walk alongside me and those who are just beginning this adventure.

We are always told that the love between a parent and child can be a bond like no other, and described as seeing your heart walk beside you. It is very powerful.

So here’s a toast to mothers everywhere.

To mothers who take care during pregnancy to give their child a great beginning. To mothers who embrace these amazing wonders of nature. For mothers who give their babies to other mothers because that is the best for their child. To mothers who adore these amazing gifts of love.

To mothers who welcome a baby into their home in the middle of the night, and care for them and keep the babe cuddled and warm and safe. To mothers who foster.

To grandmothers and aunts and cousins who welcome a child into their arms and to their homes for awhile or for a lifetime when needed.

To mothers who make the child down the street as welcome in their home as they would be at their own, who set an extra plate.

To mothers who stay up all night walking the halls, who learned to sing so their babies would sleep, or hummed their way through the baby rock when the little one couldn’t settle. To moms who advocate for their children.

To mothers who taught their children to read and love books, to those who helped with homework, projects and plays. To those who went back to school to help their families and themselves.

To moms who teach right from wrong, about kindness, empathy, hard work, discipline, persistence and to follow your dreams, to feel joy, peace with nature, and to do your laundry.

To moms who learned to drive, sew, dance, play soccer, skate, ski, coach, the names of all the dinosaurs, to pick up snakes and reptiles, to repair a toilet. To moms who built forts, delivered speeches or wrote letters to the prime minister because that was important and would make a difference for their child or someone else’s.

To moms who work at home, and out of the home and those who do both. To those moms who are part of the parent network of support that really does create a village for our children to be raised within. A village of connection that will be the place our children will thrive in.

To moms who bake cookies and to those who can’t, to moms that get pesticides off our playgrounds, perverts into jails, and who are the teachers, whether it’s math, or how to drive.

To moms who know when to just sit and not ask questions, who reach a warm hand out to their child, no matter how old, and wait for the words to flow. To moms who stand by their children, and who kick them in the butt when needed.

To moms who make you laugh, who cry, who brag, who sigh, who hope, who wish, who believe, who love so deeply.

I miss my mom and she was a wonderful mom, who loved all of us so deeply, fought for us, forgave us and pushed us forward. She sacrificed for us until she no longer felt she needed too. She was an amazing role model, kind, curious and very considerate, and like all mothers she wasn’t perfect and was good with that.

The greatest gift she gave us was love. Her deep love, to love others and to love the world in all its glory.

Have a loving day.