The new Disney movie Brave is the story of Merida

The new Disney movie Brave is the story of Merida

There’s a new princess in town

The latest offering from Disney hits the right note with Morning Star movie reviewers

  • Jul. 1, 2012 6:00 a.m.

Set in 10th century Scotland, Brave is the tale of Princess Merida (voiced by Kelly McDonald).

Her mother, Eilnor (Emma Thompson) has been teaching Merida the duties of being a princess, while her father (Billy Connolly) has been rousing the clans to find a suitable suitor for her hand in marriage.

Young Merida has her own ideas on who, and if, she should even marry.

After having a mother/daughter argument, Merida storms off into the forest and comes across a kindly woodcarver.

But this is no ordinary woodcarver, as she has magical powers that pertain to some other “W” word.

She is able to conjure one spell for the feisty, spirited young lass. One spell that will change her fate forever.

We say see it if you want a different type of princess tale.

HOWE: This week, I have the pleasure of reviewing Brave, and I get a little help from my daughter Brooklyn. So, what did you think Brooklyn?

BROOKLYN: This is not your traditional princess.

She’s feisty and stubborn, with a certain disregard for usual princess-like behaviour.

This sets her apart from the other Disney princesses, as does the fact that she speaks with a strong Scottish accent and has the craziest red hair I’ve ever seen.

HOWE: Hmmm. That sounds familiar; I think I have one of them at home, except she doesn’t talk with a Scottish accent or have red hair.

BROOKLYN: Ha! I could have those things. This movie has the beautiful Scotland scenery, marvellous animation, and an intense cultural theme that is refreshing to see.

Merida is a princess that refuses to be stifled, and I think she will empower many young girls to see past what’ s expected of them and to choose their own fates, regardless of any circumstances.

HOWE: Brave isn’t your regular light and fluffy Disney princess movie. It’s dark and has an edge to it. I think that’s why I liked it so much.

This is the best looking computer generated movie I have seen. Disney Pixar has gone above and beyond this time.

BROOKLYN: Yes, I agree.

Merida is a fireball, not a cupcake, and this should be remembered for the younger viewers who are expecting to see a lovely tea party princess.

This movie surprised me in many ways, and completely met my high expectations.

However, there is one downfall. After seeing it, I may never be able to take a bite of another Scottish tea cake.

HOWE: Billy Connolly is one of the funniest comedians around, and I loved that they used his voice for Merida’s father Fergus. As for Emma Thompson who plays her mother, she does a fine job, but I don’t understand why they didn’t find a true Scottish actress to play the part.

BROOKLYN: Yeah, they should’ve picked me!

HOWE: Brooklyn, for the last time you’re not Scottish.

HOWE gives Brave 3.5 willow wisps out of 5.

BROOKLYN gives it 5 slimy haggises out of 5.

This feature is currently showing at Galaxy Cinema at the Shops at Polson Park in Vernon.