Time to feed the lawn

  • Apr. 13, 2011 6:00 p.m.

The time has come to do some work on our lawns. Now is the time to apply a slow-release fertilizer. Most garden centres have several types to offer; 21-7-7 and 25-4-10 or similar numbers will do well. The first number is nitrogen, which all grass family of plants need to put out the best colour and growth. I prefer to do all grass feeding in the spring and up to early June. I am not very interested in fall feeding. I was asked recently where to buy the very tall delphiniums. There are delphiniums offered at most garden centres. Are they tall, medium or miniatures? Only the honesty of the vendor is what you have to rely on. If you should try to grow them from seed, they are perennial and any seed you plant this year will not bloom until next year and the years after. They like slightly acidic soil and some moisture. If you are in an area with heavy clay soil, they may not be their best. This is the time of year to plant decorative shrubs. They can be very attractive. There are some attractive willow species that can be a good bet, and they are not subject to aphids or any insect pests or with any signs of mildew. Another shrub that will stay small and be easy to control is a flowering plum. Here’s hoping we have a good gardening season.

Fred Lyall is The Morning Star’s gardening columnist.