Wayne Emde gets burned by sparks during the Tejikara Fire Festival near Gifu

Wayne Emde gets burned by sparks during the Tejikara Fire Festival near Gifu

Travelogues go around the world

Grannies à Gogo presents their impressive 2015 season of four all-new destinations.

Following four highly successful seasons of travelogue presentations, Grannies à Gogo is set to present their impressive 2015 season of four all-new destinations.

Travelogue #23 focuses on Japan on Jan. 23; Travelogue #24 looks at the Baltics on Jan. 30; Travelogue #25 explores Myanmar, Feb. 6; and Travelogue #26 travels to Spain on Feb. 13. All the PowerPoint presentations are scheduled for 10 a.m. at the People Place, downstairs in Room 006.

Wayne Emde launches this series with “Japan – Beyond the Tourist Triangle of Tokyo, Kyoto and Nara.” Having travelled extensively in Japan over the past eight years, he explores beyond the usual tourist stops and presents many unique places.

Wayne has walked the centuries-old pilgrimage paths around Shikoku and the ancient Nakasendo Trail, and has explored the seldom visited Sea of Japan coast with its ancient castles, unique pottery and cave formations at Akiyoshi.

“I love Tokyo, Kyoto — especially during cherry blossom time, and Nara, but there is much more to Japan than these three destinations,” said Emde.

In the second travelogue Linda Wills presents “The Baltic States: A Discovery Tour,” taking us to the proud sovereign states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. She notes that these countries have shared a history of conquests, foreign occupation and struggles for independence, yet have preserved distinct cultural identities.

Linda depicts a collage from medieval town centres to Art Nouveau treasures amidst stark modern buildings, infused with three different languages, three currencies and two religions, all in a small corner of Europe where the proud peoples are survivors.

The season’s third travelogue takes us to “Magical Myanmar, Myth or Reality?” presented by Audrey Pope. As Myanmar (formerly Burma) emerged from 40 years of isolation, Audrey was in one of the first tours allowed in.

She shares her exotic fascination with this Buddhist country, and notes the contradiction between the poverty of the people who also contribute toward the gold coating of the stunning temples and statues, and who feed the monks and nuns providing the country’s education. Audrey will also take us inside the schools for a closer look at their education system.

Rounding out the winter morning Travelogue series is “Spain – a Glimpse of Yesterday and Today” through the photos and sketches of artist Gail Short. From El Molino in Andalusia she explores the Moorish palaces of the Alhambra, the ancient city of Cordoba, and the flair of Barcelona. Gail caught the spirit of Spain in a Flamenco performance, a village fall fair and in other small towns.

Join us as we travel to these four captivating destinations! All presentations will be held at the People Place, 3402- 27th Ave., lower level, at 10 a.m. Admission is $5 per travelogue, payable at the door. All proceeds directly support bereaved African grandmothers raising their orphaned grandchildren.

For more information about Grannies à Gogo: the Vernon – South Africa Connection, go to www.granniesagogo.com or e-mail granniesagogo@gmail.com

Susan Fenner is publicity rep for Grannies à Gogo: the Vernon – South Africa Connection.