Myna Skinner (left) points out Malaysia on the globe to Althea Naundorf

Myna Skinner (left) points out Malaysia on the globe to Althea Naundorf

United by World Day of Prayer

World Day of Prayer is organized in 2012 by the women of Malaysia and unites Christians in 170 countries.

The women of Malaysia invite people in more than 170 countries to join them for this year’s World Day of Prayer.

In Vernon, the event takes place Friday at Trinity United Church, where participants will join Christians in 2,000 communities across Canada who will gather to pray and act in solidarity with the people of Malaysia.

“Let Justice Prevail” is the theme for this year’s World Day of Prayer, with the women of Malaysia preparing the worship service and greeting participants with the words, “Selamat Datang,” which means peace and welcome.

“There is an accompanying gesture of placing our palms together with a slight bow as a sign of respect,” said Myna Skinner, local coordinator for the event. “This greeting is a daily reminder that harmony as a people is rooted in peace and welcome.

“To be able to live in harmony is a blessing from God for which the people of Malaysia give thanks.”

Along with the theme, the women of Malaysia call fair and just governance the basis for peace and harmony in the social order, saying, “In the midst of such diversity, tolerance and harmony, fair and just governance for all is vital. It is our prayer that all races, ethnic groups and religions will work together for religious harmony and a just and integral development for everyone.”

All are welcome to the World Day of Prayer service to learn more about Malaysia and its culture and heritage.

World Day of Prayer takes place Friday at 1:30 p.m. at Trinity United Church, 3300 Alexis Park Dr. For more information, please contact Skinner at 250-542-2438 or the church office at 250-545-0797.