Vernon artist’s hearts beat as one at Kelowna airport

Wanderlust by Angelika Jaeger can now be seen in the Kelowna Art Gallery's satellite space at the Kelowna International Airport.

Angelika Jaeger stands with some of the hearts she has installed for her new exhibition

Angelika Jaeger stands with some of the hearts she has installed for her new exhibition

A Vernon artist is pulling at the heartstrings with a new exhibition that just opened in the departure wing at the Kelowna International Airport.

Angelika Jaeger’s Wanderlust, a sculptural exhibition installed Nov. 7, features seven heart-shaped figures. It replaces the series of paintings, OK Sunshine, by fellow Vernon artist Heidi Thompson in the Kelowna Art Gallery’s satellite space at the airport.

“To Jaeger, who has a strong background in sculpture, the heart shape provides a natural jumping off point to explore rendering its form in various materials… It is also fitting that it is in the well-wishing area of the departures wing, where people are saying goodbye to loved ones,” reads an exhibition description from the Kelowna Art Gallery (

“Visitors to the area might ponder on the identical shape and scale of the hearts, yet their vastly differing materials (are) perhaps a metaphor for the human heart, in all its mutability and vulnerability.”

The series of hearts measure approximately three-to-four square feet and are made from both man-made and natural materials such as canvas ribbons, old unwound reels of film, paper, felt, copper, steel, cheesecloth  and willow branches.

Each is mounted onto plywood heart-shaped board and represents a different sentiment with titles such as Purity in Oneself, Strength in Unity, Connecting the Differences, Life on a Reel, Loose to Extensive, Gratefulness of Nature and The Pulse in All of Us.

“The bottom extensions of each heart will gather and create a stream towards the end of the display case,” said Jaeger about the work. “A red line on the wall unites these elements and reminds us of our connections, one to another.”

Born in Germany, Jaeger received her BFA from UBC Okanagan in 2013. She has lived and worked as an artist in Vernon since 1988 and has served as president of the Vernon Public Art Gallery. More recently, she has sat on the board at the Caetani Cultural Centre and is one of the founder/organizers of the Splash of Red fundraiser held annually at the Caetani property.

Jaeger’s Wanderlust can be viewed at the Kelowna International Airport until May 8, 2017.