Vernon band debuts music video

Vernon band Paperboy is about to make its music video debut on Telus Optik after winning grant from Public Records Summer 2013 Music Fund.

Vernon band Paperboy is about to make its music video debut on Telus Optik.

The band won the opportunity after entering the Telus-backed Public Records Summer 2013 Music Fund, which awarded grants of up to $5,000 for musicians and filmmakers to make their own videos.

The video, for the title single off Paperboy’s upcoming album, El Scorpiones, was filmed and produced by local photographer-videographer Lee Watkins.

“We were a little apprehensive submitting for a music video grant. So far we have no visual presence as a band, which we thought would be a huge detriment to us. However, we were tickled pink when they announced that we’d won the prize,” said Luke Mortenson, Paperboy’s guitarist/lead vocalist, when the award was first announced.

He joins Braeden Otter on bass, and Cameron Lutz on drums/percussion in the band.

The finished music videos are currently being aired in a four episode series on Telus’ Optik TV On Demand, with the episode featuring Paperboy airing this week.

Public Records will also be promoting the videos individually over the course of the month, and the artists will retain full rights to the videos they have created as a part of the project.

“We started Public Records to help foster and promote the careers of emerging artists. Basically we saw a gap in the music industry and decided to work towards filling it. This video launch is a dream fulfilled for us – and we’re so proud of all of the artists,” said Public Records co-founder Tony Yacowar.

“The artists have really become like family to us. It has been an amazing journey for all of us, and we’re excited for the rest of Canada to see what the West Coast has to offer,” added co-founding partner Dan Costello.

For more details, visit or follow them on Twitter: @publicrcrds.