Jackson Point of Vernon in front of The War Amps float in Penticton.

Jackson Point of Vernon in front of The War Amps float in Penticton.

Vernon champ rides the War Amps float

The Warm Amps celebrate 95 years of 'amputees helping amputees'

The War Amps float in Penticton’s recent Peach Festival Parade not only shared the organization’s Playsafe/Drivesafe message, but also commemorated a special milestone  — its 95th anniversary.

Members of The War Amps Child Amputee (CHAMP) Program are proud to be part of the association’s 95 years of “amputees helping amputees” and joined the float.

Jackson Point, six, of Vernon, was born missing part of his left hand. He rode on board the float with his fellow champs.

The colourful, animated float is specially designed to capture the attention of children, with ASTAR, the gold robot from Planet Danger, reminding them that he can put his arm back on but they can’t. To further reinforce the message, CHAMP Ambassadors shout out the Playsafe message to kids and the Drivesafe message to adults along the parade route.

“In addition to passing on the safety message, the float this year is also a reminder that The War Amps has been part of the Canadian landscape for almost a century now and will continue to be there for these children and all amputees in Canada,” says Rob Larman, director of Playsafe/Drivesafe, who himself lost a leg at the age of 14 when friends dared him to jump a train.

For Playsafe information, call 1-800-250-3030 or see www.waramps.ca.