Vernon Community Kitchens ready to cook

Community Kitchens is a free program that teaches people how to cook, and to bring meals home.

If you want to learn to cook new dishes, keep your grocery costs down and take home healthy food to your family, then Community Kitchens is a great place to start.

The idea behind Community Kitchens is to bring together a group of people to learn how to cook healthy, affordable meals in thee-hour sessions. The free program is open to anyone in the community with an interest in cooking.

During this time, people cook healthy affordable meals together and take food home for one dollar per serving of food. Portions are large and most food is able to be frozen.

“The group talks about cooking techniques that will help them stretch their food dollar,” said Minda Chittenden, with the program. “We try to eat locally as well, and in some areas the groups grow food in community gardens.”

Sessions will take place Thursday, Friday and March 15, 16, April 12, 13, May 17, 18 and June 14, 15 in its new location at Kindale Mainstreet Connections, 3314-30th Ave., Vernon.

“This is a great new location for us, accessible with no stairs. We are so thankful they could take us in.”

Community Kitchens is funded by Interior Health, Valley First and the United Way.

For more information, see the website at

To register for this group, please call Jeannette at 545-9292, ext. 205.